Crimea. Ukraine


Yes, parts of the Crimean peninsula, which is in southern Ukraine, are in the subtropical zone. That is why on its southern coast there is always something in bloom throughout the year. This is where the black Sea and the Crimean Mountains touch each other. As for the number of sunny days, resorts such as Yalta compare favorably with Nice and many other Mediterranean resorts. This combination makes the peninsula the most popular area in Ukraine for recreation. In fact, the fame of the resort dates back to the 19th century when the Russian czars and nobility began building their residences on the coast.

Today these palaces are open to the public: Livadiysky, Vorontsovsky, Massandrivsky, Dulber, and others. but the palaces are only part of the history. There is also Khersones (an ancient Greek town in Sevastopol), a Genoese fortress in Sudak, mysterious “cave towns” in the mountains, and a Tatar khan’s palace in bakhchysarai. And again that is just a tiny bit of what Crimea has to offer. Enjoy the southern sun and learn many interesting things!