Kiev Rus

Kiev Rus


We would like to inform citizens that in Kopachi village Obukhovskiy district, Kyiv oblast are implemented a major project — the Center of Culture and History «Park Kievan Rus». Opening of first phase of construction planned in 2012 for the finals of the European Football Championship.

The project «Park Kievan Rus» is to create a larger historical, cultural and tourism complex by the re-establishment, with a maximum of historical accuracy, cultural and architectural image of Kyiv Detinets in V-XIII Centuries, in the amount of the original and the atmosphere of Kievan Rus. The project is being implemented as the construction Kyiv Detinets (the city of Vladimir) in its historical dimensions and historic environment, namely buildings and structures that existed in the V-XIII centuries: fortifications, the palace of Prince Vladimir, the palace of Princess Olga, the Desyatinna Church, the Rotunda, and other Gridnitsa , with a maximum of historical accuracy and the atmosphere of the era of Kievan Rus, given the historical, archaeological and ethnographic data.

Thus «Park Kievan Rus» — this is the re-establishment of our past: history, culture, architecture, traditions and rituals, folk arts and crafts and many other period of Kievan Rus on the basis of historical and archaeological data.

The implementation of the project will enable the different generations of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe and around the world plunge into the Middle Ages, the Kievan Rus, to feel their roots, to feel the connection times, the relationship so far, which has been and never will not return.

«Park Kievan Rus» is created in the 34 km from Kiev, in the village of Kopaci, Obukhovskiy district, Kiev oblast, near the rivers Ross and Stugna.

The implementation of the project contributes to:

  • patriotic education;
  • active integration in the field of culture, education, history of Ukraine and CIS countries, Europe and the world;
  • development of cultural tourism in Ukraine, CIS, Europe and the world;
  • better understanding, through a shared history;
  • revitalization of historical factors in the development of Ukraine, CIS and Europe, which will be conducive to creating a warmer atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship between peoples;
  • dissemination of knowledge about the history and culture of Kievan Rus in the world.
Projects in the framework of the «Park Kievan Rus»:
  • international Festival of Culture and History «Park Kievan Rus»;
  • cultural-educational project «Park Kievan Rus: Contact time»;
  • historical Club, bringing together archaeologists, historians and architects;
  • actions and activities to promote the cultural heritage of Kievan Rus.